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James Brennan

Excellent point on the role of curators -- also known as 'programmers' in the TV business.

Mandalan Media has just launched a beta release of such an Internet TV/video aggregator. Strmz.com (said ‘streams’) is a mashup of free Internet TV/video programming from major media outlets; local news and weather in over 30 major US metropolitan areas; popular video-blogs and -podcasts; and new/top-rated content from video upload services like Google Video. Registered members on Strmz.com can subscribe to favorite channels, and create and share playlists and memorable clips. RSS video feeds are available for a variety of topics, or users can personalize their own. The beta program offers participants the ability to publish their Strmz.com video playlist to appear on their blog/website.

The site packages a diverse library -- approaching 30 thousand clips -- of quality Internet TV/video programming into an interactive program guide, designed for efficient channel-surfing, video-searching, and clip-sharing.



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